All colors above are Polyester Powdercoated Solid Brass, the best coat you can get (Bronze, Dark Pewter and Organic Green is brass chemical dipped then coated in a semi-gloss clearcoat, Raw Brass is what it says, made out of brass and uncoated. The beauty of Raw Brass is that over time it will begin to petina, taking on dark bronze / pewter tones.) Raw Brass fixtures may take anywhere from 3 days to one week to ship (before it leaves our warehouse), Powdercoated and Chemical Dipped fixtures may take anywhere from 5 days to Two weeks to ship. We try to expedite orders as fast and efficiently as we can, these times are depending on our current workload.

*Premium Custom Finish. Extra charge usually applies (when you order the fixture you
will see what the extra charge is, and these finishes may take up to 3 weeks to ship).