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  • SPOOL LENGTH: 16.4 Feet (5 Meters), 0.4″ Wide. Field cuttable every 4″ (every 6 LED’s).
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 24 Volt DC Low Voltage.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: 72 Watts total for the entire 16.4 foot spool (Approximately 4.4 Watts Per Foot). Each spool pulls 3 Amps from the 24VDC power supply. Transformer not included, please see our accessories tab above for required transformer.
  • MAX RUN LENGTH: Up to 65.6 feet (4 spools).
  • # OF LED’S: 300 LED’s per 16.4 foot spool(Approximately 18 LED’s per foot).
  • LIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 120° Wide Flood beam angle offers a wide spread directional light that will not waste light shooting backwards from the source!
  • DIMMING: Fully Dimmable with an in-line dimmer when used with electronic DC LED Transformers. Can also be dimmed with a standard wall dimmer when you use our premium Magnetic DC transformers! Please see our accessories tab (link above).
  • INSTALLATION & MOUNTING: Mounts just about anywhere utilizing durable long lasting Two Sided Tape on the back! No Mounting Channels or Clips needed, just peel it & stick! Optionally we do have mounting channels available if desired, please see the accessories tab.
  • LUMENS PER FOOT: 270 Lm/Foot in Cool White, 250 Lm/Foot in Warm White, 152 Lm/Foot in Red, 205 Lm/Foot in Green, 170 Lm/Foot in Yellow, 48 Lm/Foot in Amber, 108 Lm/Foot in Blue. Lumens naturally vary depending on color ordered.
  • USE: Indoor (standard), Outdoor (optional) or Submersible (Underwater. See options above.
  • WARRANTY: Three (3) year limited warranty from date of delivery. Warranty void if strip light is cut.

Bright, vivid and fully flexible 24VDC Superchip 16.4 Foot Single Color LED Tape Light Spool. Uses 4.4 Watts Per Foot or 72 Watts Per Spool. You can run up to 65.6 Feet on a single run!

Flexible and ultra-thin (only 0.1″ thick x 0.4″ Wide), and produces a even light. Field cuttable every 6 LED’s (about every 4″), which allows for installation flexibility and the ability to cover odd-sized areas. Long life span of at least 50,000 hours means you can install it and forget about it for many years! Installs easily using supplied 3M tape on the back. Simply peel it like tape and stick it wherever you want! We also offer mounting channel options for a more professional look, see the accessories tab. Produces no UV light making it perfect for UV sensitive areas such as artwork, etc. Also produces very little heat, making it perfect for heat-sensitive areas!

Decorative lighting (cove lighting, back lighting) for homes, hotels, stores, yachts, bars, automobiles etc.; Guidance Lighting for cinemas, theatres, yachts , trains to guide people; Channel letter lighting for your stores, restaurants, bars, etc… The possibilities are nearly endless!




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