Power Cord W/ Built-In RGB Controller for 120V RGB LED Tape (720W Capacity)



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RGB LED Power Cord with Basic In-Line RGB Controller for all 120V Line Voltage RGB Color-Changing LED “Tape” Strip Light. Connects the end of the 120v RGB “Tape” Strip Light to a 120V power receptacle. 6 Amp (720 Watt) Capacity. See specifications below for max runs on this RGB Power Cord / Inline Controller. Can be used for hard wiring to a switch, simply cut the end of the cord off! All 120v RGB LED “Tape” Strip Light does NOT include any power cords / controllers, as we offer multiple options for RGB Control. NOT for use with Single Color 120V LED Tape “Strip” Light.

This RGB LED Power Cord with Basic In-Line RGB Controller Powers the RGB 120V LED “Tape” Strip Light while offering a single button, 8-function RGB Controller. With the RGB Controller, you can manually change color patterns within 16 shades of Reds, Greens, Blues and Cool White (6500K) with 8 modes including fast waves of color changing, sequential, slow glow mode which slowly fades from one color to the next, Chasing, Flashing, and twinkling. Please note that this controller is designed for basic decoration only. Its functions are limited and it cannot be stopped on one color. If you want / need more advanced functions, such as stopping on one color, please go back and see our RGB accessories for more RGB controller options!

Be sure to select the length of the power cord you want. 1 foot length cord is standard, you can order this Power Cord / RGB controller with cords up to 6 feet!

FOR: 120VAC RGB Color-Changing LED “Tape” Strip Light. Make sure to select the correct wattage of the strip light you are using this for above when ordering. NOT for use with 120VAC Single Color LED “Tape” Strip Light.
CORD LENGTH: 1 foot length is standard, you can optionally order this Power Cord / RGB In-Line Controller up to 6 feet long.
MAX RUN LENGTH: This Power Cord / In-Line Basic RGB Controller is rated to up to 720 Watts (6 Amps). Exceeding this amount on this cord will cause the cord (and potentially the 120V RGB LED Tape “Strip” Light) to fail and will void all warranties. Please see the max lengths below:

3.0 Watt per Foot “Brighter” 120V RGB LED Tape “Strip”: 328 Feet
4.5 Watt per Foot 120V “Brightest” RGB LED Tape “Strip”: 164 Feet

INSTALLATION: Connects to one end of the LED RGB Color-Changing 120VAC Strip “Tape” Light, then simply plug it into an outlet or hardwire it to a switch by cutting off the plug-in end and splicing the wires.

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