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80 Watt Induction Ballast for Induction Bulbs/Fixtures

80 Watt Induction Ballast for Induction Bulbs/Fixtures

    Price: $102.99

    Code: SR-1I80

    80 Watt INDUCTION Ballast. This is required to run a round or square shaped 80 Watt Induction Lamp. An 80 Watt Induction Lamp puts out the same light intensity of a 175 Watt HPS or Metal Halide, and has a WHOPPING 100,000 hours rated life, meaning if you ran it for 12 hours a day 365 days a year, you won't have to replace the bulb/ballast for about 23 YEARS!!! THATS TWICE AS LONG AS LED, AND THIS IS AS BRIGHT IF NOT BRIGHTER THAN LED PER WATT! This ballast requires an 80 Watt Induction Bulb (not included, see our Induction Bulb Section).

    Save 75%+ off your operating costs (including changing bulbs and energy consumption) per unit compared to HPS or Metal Halide over the same period of time! These bulbs are also great for hard-to-reach locations where re-lamping can be a costly pain. Keep in mind the average Metal Halide bulb lasts 7,000-10,000 hours, meaning every 2 years or so you have to change the bulbs (which retail for $25.00+ PER METAL HALIDE BULB, not including time and labor!). Go with Induction, cut your energy consumption IN HALF, and relamping down to $ZERO! Just install this induction bulb and ballast, and forget about it for at least 20 years! SCROLL DOWN FOR EXAMPLES & COMPLETE SPECIFICATIONS!


    BALLAST WATTS: 80 Watts
    VOLTAGES AVAILABLE: Your choice of 120VAC, 240VAC or 277VAC
    DIMENSIONS (120V MODEL): 8.3" Length. x 3.75" Width x 2.3" Height
    DIMENSIONS (240V MODEL): 8.4" Length. x 3.75" Width x 1.9" Height
    DIMENSIONS (277V MODEL): 8" Length. x 4" Width x 2" Height
    BULB REQUIRED: 80 Watt Induction Bulb Required (not included). You may order this bulb by visiting our Induction Bulb section!
    WARRANTY: 5 year warranty from date of delivery