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24 Volt LED Single Color Tube Light (39.4" Long)

24 Volt LED Single Color Tube Light (39.4" Long)

    Price: $99.99

    Code: SRLED-1CTUBELG-24V


    PLEASE NOTE: 24 VOLT LOW VOLTAGE IS SPECIAL ORDER ONLY, PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS BEFORE THESE SHIP! WOW! Super High Brightness 24V Low Voltage LED Tube Light (1 Meter / 39.4 Inch Length)! ENVISION™ LED Single Color Border Light is designed and suited for outdoor environments where single colors are desired, and you do not want to change colors. With a built-in power system, ENVISION™ LED Single Color LED Border Lights can be connected up to 30 meters (100 feet) and produces a clean, solid color effect with virtually no visible lines when butted together for a long run! With included mounting clips, and end-to-end connection solution, ENVISION™ LED Single Color LED Border Lights can be easily installed onto the facade of buildings. Extension cables (1m / 39.5") are available for installations with added spacing between fixtures. ENVISION™ LED Single Color LED Border Lights are also weatherproof (IP65) and vibration resistant. Colors available are Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Pink, Violet, Amber. Just about ANY color within the color spectrum can be made, please call us with your custom color specifications!

    APPLICATIONS: Architecture linear lighting for buildings, Cove lighting, interior retail store design, display case lighting, edge and accent lighting, club, entertainment and event lighting, bars, lounges, restaurants, etc... the options are almost endless!

    • Incorporated high intensity LEDs
    • Easy and firm installation with high grade aluminum base and included mounting clips
    • Easy to connect by end-to-end cables or extension cables
    • Completely sealed, weatherproof for outdoor use with IP65 degree
    • Long life span of 100,000 hours with little heat, proper drive characteristics and high quality LEDs
    • Energy efficient, low maintenance cost, shock and vibration resistant



    DIMENSIONS OF TUBE: 1 Meter (39.4") Length x 5cm (1.96") Diameter per tube segment, Fully Linkable
    AVAILABLE LIGHT COLORS: See Below. White the light colors shown on the web are pretty accurate, we are not responsible to completely match the color desired as different computer monitors always show colors slightly different.

    WIRING DIAGRAM: See image below for wiring diagram, scroll down for more specifications

    # OF LED'S: 144 LED's per 1 Meter (39.4")
    POWER CONSUMPTION: Approx. 12-14 Watts per 1 Meter (39.4") Segment
    MAX RUN: Up to 30 Meters (100 Feet). Can be connected with 0.5 Meter (19.7" Models) and can be connected together either in linear (straight line) form, or just about any pattern (see above for examples)! Please keep in mind that number can change depending on circuit load (contact an electrician for info on this).
    MOUNTING: Mounts flatly on surfaces for easy installation, or can be free-hanging. The options are almost limitless!
    MATERIAL: Commercial Grade PVC Tubing and high grade Aluminum Alloy (anti-UV) Mounting Plate, and utilizing high grade SMD LED Chips, Fully Durable!
    CONNECTOR CABLES LENGTH: 0.5 Meter (19.7") Length for both the Power and Signal cables, which should be more than sufficient for most applications. Longer cables are available (extended by the foot). Call us for longer cables.
    USE: Designed for Indoor or Outdoor use in temperatures ranging from -40° to +60° Celcius (-40° - +140° Farenheit), in humidities from 0% to 95% (can run in 100% humidity in less extreme temperatures. Uses:
    Cove lighting, interior retail store design, display case lighting, edge and accent lighting, club, entertainment and event lighting, bars, lounges, restaurants, and architectural applications, etc... The uses are almost endless!
    LIGHT OUTPUT (LUMENS): Varies. Please call us if you need these specific numbers. But as you can see in the images above, these are bright enough for even the most demanding architectural use!
    BEAM ANGLE: 120° Beam Spread
    LED BULBS LIFE: 100,000+ hours (20+ years with typical usage!)
    WARRANTY: One year manufacturer's warranty from date of delivery
    CERTIFICATIONS: UL and ETL Listed Wet, Damp or Dry Locations for indoor or outdoor use, IP65 Outdoor Rated!