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120v Line Voltage LED Neon Flex Rope Light (RGB, 32.8 Foot Spool)

120v Line Voltage LED Neon Flex Rope Light (RGB, 32.8 Foot Spool)

    Price: $809.99

    Code: SRLED-LNFX120V-RGB32

    High Brightness Envision® Fully Flexible 120 Volt Line Voltage Neon Series Rope Light (RGB Color Changing). Each 32.8 Foot (10 Meter) LED Neon Flex Rope Light Spool comes included with One (1) Power Cord with LED Rectifier and One (1) End Cap. Requires an RGB Controller or DMX512 Controller for color-changing. Click Here to see our Accessories section for this RGB 120v Neon Rope Light. RGB Neon Rope Light is IP65 Rated for Indoor or Outdoor use, meaning it can take the harshest of conditions! 80-90% energy savings over conventional Neon (uses just 1.5 watts per foot); costs less than conventional Neon; Even light output, no hot spots! Safe for the environment - no harsh chemicals; Safe to the touch (no heat, and now you're using 120VAC instead of 8,000-15,000VAC that conventional Neon requires. And to top it off, you can create color-changing light effects with RGB Neon Flex LED Rope, which you can't do with Neon Tubes. Neon LED is the smart way to go!
    RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS: Neon Signs, Cove Lighting, Driveways, Pathways, Retail applications, Exterior Building Lighting (i.e. large building signs), Bars, Night Clubs, etc... The possibilities are nearly endless!
    INPUT VOLTAGE: 120VAC Standard. For 208VAC, 240VAC or 277VAC, call us!
    RGB COLOR OUTPUT: With the standard Mini In-Line RGB Controller, you can run up to 66 feet (20 meters) of RGB 120V LED Neon Rope Light. This controller offers a simple 1-button control feature allowing you to cycle through colors and basic effects. For more advanced functions and longer lengths, you will need a DMX Controller, a DMX512 Decoder, and signal amplifier(s) for runs longer than 66 feet (20 meters) of RGB 120V LED Neon Rope Light.
    Click Here to see our RGB Color-Changing Neon Rope Light Accessories!
    MATERIAL: UV Protected Milky White PVC Outer Jacket with a fully flexible PVC Base
    LENGTH OF SPOOL: 32.8 Feet (10 Meters), Field Cuttable every 19.7" (0.5 Meters)
    DIMENSIONS: 32.8 Foot Length x 1.082" Height x 0.57" Width (Mounting Base)
    POWER CONSUMPTION: 1.46 Watts per Foot (48 Watts Total)
    LED'S USED: 3528 SMD Premium RGB LED's
    MAXIMUM RUN: 128 Feet with standard 1.6 Amp power cord (one 1.6A power cord & rectifier included), 328 Feet with optional 4 Amp power cord. See our Neon Rope Light Accessories page for more information. For runs longer than 66 feet, a signal amplifier is required. See our RGB LED Neon Rope Light accessories for more information.
    BEAM ANGLE: 180° spread minics classic neon!
    DIMMABILITY: Fully dimmable using an in-line LED dimmer or a Lutron LED approved dimmer.
    MOUNTING: Requires Mounting Clips or Mounting Channels. Click Here to see our accessories section to order. Mounting hardware is not included.
    OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: Can operate in environments from -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
    LOCATION USE: IP65 Wet Location Approved, can be used indoors or outdoors in just about any environment!
    WARRANTY: Five (5) year limited warranty from date of delivery. Warranty void if you choose to field-cut this spool. This Neon Flex Rope is field-cuttable every 19.7" (0.5 Meter), but if you do cut it you do so at your own risk!