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Cast Brass 12v 16 Watt LED PAR56 Flood Underwater Light (RGB Color-Changing)

Cast Brass 12v 16 Watt LED PAR56 Flood Underwater Light (RGB Color-Changing)

    Price: $649.99

    Code: SRU-7520B-LEDRGB

    Cast Brass Adjustable 12v LED RGB COLOR-CHANGING 16 Watt PAR56 High Power Flood Underwater Light. Designed to be submerged underwater. Made out of Super Heavy Duty Cast Brass with a Water-Tight Tempered Glass Lens, this fixture carries a
    LIFETIME GUARANTEE against rust and corrosion. See below specifications for available colors and more information.


    MATERIAL: Super Heavy Duty Solid Cast Brass with a Water-Tight Tempered Glass Lens
    FINISH: Comes as shown in Raw Cast Brass
    LED BULB: Fixture uses
    an included 16 Watt LED RGB 12v PAR56. You may order the automatic color-changing model if you simply want it to change different colors at random, or with an optional remote control that will allow you to manually set to one color, change to multiple colors, and set the speed of the color-changing! LED Bulb puts out up to 100 Watt Halogen Equivalent (depending on color output). LED Bulb lasts over 50,000 hours, or over 10 years while using 80+% less electricity than Halogen!
    LED LUMENS: 600 - 960 Lumens depending on light color output. White, Blue & Green are brighter than Red or Yellow (due to where it is on the spectrum).
    MOUNTING: Comes included with a Stainless Steel Base as shown above. For recessed pool/pond mounting, simply remove the bracket!
    WARRANTY: Lifetime Guarantee against rust or corrosion (Ten year warranty on LED Bulb & remote control)