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  • LENGTH OF 120V TAPE STRIP: 50 Meters (approx. 164 feet), Field cuttable every 19.7″ (0.5 meters), 120v tape strip light is marked at every cutting length. Although you may cut it if you wish, if you do so please note that cutting it will void the warranty.
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 120 Volt AC – No transformer needed!
  • DIMENSIONS OF LED TAPE STRIP: 164 Feet Long (50 Meters) x 0.48″ (12.2 mm) Wide x 0.26″ (6.6 mm) Thick.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: 720 Watts total for the entire 164 foot spool (Approximately 4.5 Watts Per Foot). Total spool pulls 6 Amps. You can run the entire 164 foot spool on one power cord if desired.
  • MAX RUN LENGTH: Up to 164 feet depending on Amperage rating of the Power Cord / Rectifier you are using, as well as the Amperage load on the circuit breaker you are connecting it to.
  • # OF LED’S: 3,000 LED’s per 164′ Spool (Approximately 18 LED’s per foot).
  • LIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 120° Wide Flood beam angle offers a wide spread directional light that will not waste light shooting backwards from the source!
  • DIMMING: Fully Dimmable with most 120VAC Triac or LED Dimmers.
  • MATERIAL: Commercial Grade, PVC Encased LED Strip utilizing high grade 5050 SMD LED Chips, Fully Flexible and Durable.
  • INSTALLATION & MOUNTING: We offer Mounting Clips with screws for surface mounting on almost any surface, and recommend a minimum of Two (2) Mounting Clips for every 3.28 feet of 120V Tape Light if you go with this option. We also offer 4 foot long Mounting Channels, allowing you to cleanly mount straight runs. See our 120V LED Tape Light Accessories (see Accessories tab) for more information.
  • LUMENS PER FOOT: 300 Lm/Foot in Cool White, 280 Lm/Foot in Warm White, 290 Lm/Foot in Pure White. Lumens for colors such as Red, Green Etc. depends on color selected.
  • USE: Comes Standard for indoor dry / damp location use. IP67 Outdoor Wet location use is optional. See options above.
  • WARRANTY: Three (3) year limited manufacturer’s warranty from date of delivery. Warranty void if strip light is cut.

Unlimited Uses! No Transformer Required! More than 6X as bright as rope light!

Bright, fully flexible 164 Foot Spool of 4.5 Watts per foot Linear “Brightest” 5050 SMD Driverless Series 120 Volt AC Line Voltage LED “Tape” Strip Light. Each 164 Foot 120V LED Strip Light Spool comes included with a power cord and an end cap. Connects directly to 120VAC line voltage, NO TRANSFORMER REQUIRED! Just plug in the power cord (or hardwire it to a switch) to standard line voltage and you’re ready to go! This LED 120V Driverless Strip Light Length is available in Warm White (3000K, which will closely match halogen / incandescent light color), Pure White (4000K, gives off a pure white light), Cool White (5000K, which looks bright white with a slight bluish tinge), Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange / Amber or Pink / Purple. Enjoy virtually unlimited uses for this LED Strip light, it is fully flexible, thin (only 0.26″ thick x 0.48″ Wide!), produces a very even light (little to no “hot spots” unlike Rope Light), consumes just 4.5 Watts per foot, and installs just about anywhere with ease (see our 120V LED “Tape” Strip Light Accessories)! This LED Linear “Tape” Strip Light is warrantied for Three (3) Years!

120V Line Voltage = no transformer / driver; You can run up to 164 Feet (50 Meters) on a single run! Long life span of over 50,000 hours; Flexible & slim, field cuttable every 1/2 Meter (approx. 19.7″), Easy installation onto most surfaces; Produces even color between strips at the tightest color tolerances; Little to no heat generation makes it ideal for heat-sensitive areas; No UV light output!

Decorative lighting (cove lighting, back lighting) for homes, hotels, stores, yachts, bars, automobiles etc.; Guidance Lighting for cinemas, theatres, yachts , trains to guide people move around safely; Sign Lighting; Channel letter lighting for your stores, restaurants, bars etc.; The possibilities are nearly endless!








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