20-10 AWG (Gauge) IDEAL Weatherproof Silicone FIlled Underground Wire Nuts-Qty of 1000


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Product Description

IDEAL WEATHERPROOF Underground 20-10 AWG (Gauge) Wire Nuts (Quantity of 1,000). Suitable for use in a wide variety of direct burial and wet location electrical connections (up to 600V). Can be used above-ground or underground (direct burial rated).

*Silicone-based sealant protects against moisture and corrosion
*UL listed to 486D for use for direct burial
Easy to apply pre-filled twist-on wire connectors
3 models handle wire sizes from #20 to #8 AWG copper conductors
*Live-action, square-wire spring
Hexagonal shape allows connectors to be applied with standard nutdriver
No pre-twisting required
*Shell rated for 105° C



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