Rope Light 1/2″ Dia. LED Power Cord – Runs up to 200 feet



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120v 2-Wire or 3-Wire 6 Foot long Power Cord for 1/2″ Diameter LED Rope Light. Connects to the end of your rope light run to a 120V power source. You can plug it into a standard power receptacle, or you can cut off the prong end and hardwire it to a switch (you must not cut off the round rectifier on the plug).

  • Power Cord is 6 Foot Length.
  • Runs up to 200 Feet of our 1/2″ LED Rope Light.
  • Available in 2-Wire Standard or 3-Wire Super Chasing LED Rope Light. See options above when ordering.
  • Easy to connect and use; Connector Pins are included.

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