Eyelid Cutoff Composite 12V PAR36 LED Well Light



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  • VOLTAGE: 12V AC/DC Low Voltage.
  • MOUNTING: In-Ground (Dirt, Cement, Wood, etc). Can also be Wall or Ceiling mounted if there is sufficient depth in the Wall or Ceiling to do so.
  • WIRE LEAD: Comes standard with a 3 foot wire lead. We have an optional 25 foot wire lead extension available, which can come unattached to the fixture or we can attach it for you.
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime Guarantee against Rust and Corrosion*
    (*5 year warranty on LED and electrical components)

LED 12V PAR36 Low Voltage Fiberglass Composite Eyelid Half-Cutoff In-Ground Well Light. Available in your choice of Black or Bronze. Made out of Heavy Duty Fiberglass Composite with a Clear Ribbed Convex Tempered Glass Lens and Stainless Steel Screws, This light fixture carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against rust and corrosion. This LED In-Ground Well Light is as bright as 50-100 watt PAR36 halogen lights yet consume at least 85% less power! Go green and save $$$. Go LED!




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