Landscape Lighting 12V Direct Burial Cable, 10/2 AWG, 500 Foot Spool


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Made in the USA with Premium Stranded Copper!
Don’t buy inferior imported wire that will fall apart in a year or two! Superior quality for a great price!

500 Foot Spool of 10/2 (10 Gauge) Low Voltage Direct Burial Cable. Price above shown is for the entire 500 foot spool. Only $1.04 per foot! Rated for 30 amps max, or 360 watts watts per run when used with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting.

The manufacturer of this Landscape Lighting Direct Burial Cable has been around for over 90 years! This Direct Burial Cable is fully made in the USA, utilizing the highest quality copper and PVC insulation. Beware of cheaper, imported Direct Burial Cable that you may find for the same price or less (or even more) at your local supply house! All of the cheaper imported cable is poorly crafted to lower standards in China, and after a year or two will start fraying underground, causing light failure and headache over time. Our top of the line USA made wire will give you many, many years of worry-free connections! If you want QUALITY wire, we offer the best prices and best value for your $$$!


  • WIRE TYPE: 10 AWG Copper, 2 Connectors.
  • LENGTH OF SPOOL: 500 Feet.
  • NOMINAL DIMENSIONS: 0.44″ Width x 0.22″ Height.
  • MAX LOAD (PER RUN): 30 Amps from the secondary side. When used with 12VAC or 12VDC lighting, you can put up to 360 watts of lighting on one cable run of 10/2. If used with 24VAC or 24VDC lighting, you can put up to 720 watts of lighting on one cable run of 10/2.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Construction consists of stranded uncoated annealed copper conductors, laid parallel and insulated with polyvinyl chloride. Listed by UL, ETL and CSA. The two conductors are laid parallel and insulated. A continuous web shall keep the conductors together. Black polyvinyl chloride Insulation conforming to Underwriters Laboratories Class 43 60° C thermoplastic, suitable for direct burial. One leg has raised ridges for polarity.
  • SPLICING RECOMMENDATIONS: Wire splices are the weak link of any electrical circuit. It is especially important to make proper joints in landscape lighting systems because the joints are exposed to wet and damp environments that can cause corrosion of the copper conductor, premature failure, and fires. We recommend using Silicone-Filled Wire or our 3M manufactured Direct Bury Splice Kits.
  • LISTINGS: This Low Voltage Direct Burial Cable is UL, ETL and CSA Outdoor Wet Location Listed for Direct Burial.





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