120V LED Super Chasing Rope Light – 150 foot spool


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Our LED Rope Uses 90% Less Energy Than Incandescent Rope And Lasts 10 Times Longer! 125,000 Hour Life!

150 Foot Spool of 120V Line Voltage 3-Wire Super Chasing LED Rope Light. Uses only 0.6 – 0.96 Watts Per Foot (depending on color) and lasts 125,000 hours, or over 42 years if ran for 8 hours per day, every day! Field Cuttable every 36″ and comes with accessories. Chases with required chasing controller (not included, see options above or our accessories section). See tab or photos above for accessory kit options and complete specifications. 10 year manufacturer’s warranty!* Scroll down for important warranty information.


  • OUTER MATERIAL: Heavy Duty Commercial-Grade UV Protected Fully Flexible Clear PVC Outer Tube.
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 120 Volt AC – No transformer needed!
  • DIMENSIONS: 150 Feet Total Length x 1/2″ Diameter.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION (FOR WHITE, BLUE, GREEN OR PURPLE): Uses only 0.96 Watts per foot, or about 144 Watts per spool.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION (FOR RED, YELLOW, ORANGE/AMBER, PINK): Uses only 0.96 Uses only 0.6 Watts per foot, or about 80 Watts per spool.
  • LIFESPAN: Rated at 125,000 Hours, or over 42 years if used every day for 8 hours per day!
  • FIELD CUTTABLE: Field Cuttable every 36″ with cut marks every 36″.
  • MAXIMUM RUN: 300 Feet.
  • DIMMING: Fully Dimmable with most 120VAC Triac or LED Dimmers.
  • ADDITIONAL EFFECTS: This LED Super-Chasing 3-Wire Rope Light does chasing effects when used with the required Super Chasing Rope Light controller. You can order this controller above when ordering this product, or you can order the controller separately in our accessories section.
  • LUMENS PER FOOT: 80 Lm/Foot in Cool White, 70 Lm/Foot in Warm White, 75 Lm/Foot in Pure White, 39 Lm/Foot in Red, 58 Lm/Foot in Green, 45 Lm/Foot in Yellow, 24 Lm/Foot in Blue. Lumens naturally vary depending on color ordered.
  • LISTINGS / CERTIFICATIONS: UL Listed for Indoor and Outdoor Wet/Damp Location use. Please note that once you cut the spool, it automatically voids the UL and manufacturer’s warranty. Also CE and RoHS listed.
  • USE: Comes Standard for indoor dry / damp location use. IP67 Outdoor Wet location use is optional. See options above.
  • WARRANTY: Ten year limited manufacturer’s warranty from date of delivery.*
    *Note: If you buy rope light from our company or any other company, once you cut it, it voids the UL Listing and warranty. Also, as soon as you receive your rope light order PLEASE make sure to check that the rope light spool(s) you ordered are correct BEFORE unraveling and especially cutting them in any way (we cannot accept back any unraveled and/or cut rope light spools, NO EXCEPTIONS! Check the markings on the box and the spool. ****DO NOT TURN THE POWER ON WHILE IT IS ON THE SPOOL AS DOING SO WILL BURN OUT THE ROPE LIGHT AND VOID THE WARRANTY!**** When you do receive your order and want to verify that you have received what you ordered, feel free to call us and we will gladly confirm what you have received over the phone. Although it is very rare, there is a very slight possibility that you may accidentally receive a spool(s) that are incorrect (i.e. you received 12 Volt instead of the 120 Volt you ordered, etc.) If in the rare case that we do send you the wrong spool(s) of rope light, we will promptly send you a shipping label and send out the correct spool(s).



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