Super Chasing 1/2″ Dia. Large LED Rope Light Controller



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120v Super Chasing 3-Wire LED Rope Light Controller for 1/2″ Diameter LED Rope Light. Can run up to 300 Linear Feet (2 spools) on one single controller! This controller is required with our Super Chasing LED rope light. Without a controller (just the plug in), our Super Chasing Rope Light will just turn on with no effects. With the controller, our Super Chasing rope light has a multitude of chasing effects

  • DIMENSIONS: 4.5″ Length x 6″ Width x 2″ Height.
  • Allows for Rope Light chasing pattern effects.
  • You can select a chase pattern and chase speed.
  • Can run up to 300 Feet, or two (2) 150 Foot Spools on a single linear run.
  • Easy to install and use!

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