3M™ Weatherproof Silicone Direct Bury Splice Kit (quantity of 2)



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3M™ Direct Bury Splice Kit DBR/Y-6

1.0 SCOPE:
1.1 The 3M™ Direct Bury Splice Kit
DBR/Y-6 is used to electrically
connect two or more pre-stripped
copper wires and moisture seal
the connection for direct burial. It
includes the 3M R/Y+ Electrical
Spring Connector and a high
impact, UV-resistant polypropylene
tube prefilled with moisture-resistant
gel. It is ideal for splicing wires and
cables in irrigation and Low Voltage
Lighting systems. For residential,
commercial, golf, and other green
industry applications.


3M Part Number DBR/Y-6 Kit of 2
Description 2
gel-filled tubes and
2 twist-on
connectors per bag.

  3.1 Reduces inventory and SKUs:
Replaces the following 3M connectors:
DBR-Kit, DBY-6-Kit, DBR-6-Kit, DBR/Y-Kit.
Reduces the SKUs from 10 to 2 (DBR/Y-6
and DBR/Y-6 Kit.)
3.2 Rated for 600 volts:
One connector for most connections required
in irrigation (conventional and decoder types)
and landscape lighting systems. Listed under
UL486D for USA and Canada, File 102356.
Meets Directive 2006/95/EC and IEC standards
EN61984:2009, EN60998-1:2004,
and EN60998-2-4:2005.
3.3 Bulk or Kits-of-two connectors:
Each waterproof connector includes the
R/Y+ twist-on connector (wire nut*),
and a gel-filled tube
3.4 Water Resistant & Rain Tight:
The DBR/Y-6 may be installed above or
below ground, inside a �valve box� or
buried next to a valve-in-head sprinkler
or light fixture.
3.5 Sunlight resistant:
Connector can be used above or
below ground level.
3.6 Strain relief:
The gel-filled tube includes a lid that
compresses the wire insulation when
closed. This applies a pressure, known
as �strain relief� that keeps the connection
inside the tube when the wires are
pulled-upon. The connector tube
includes channels for three sets of wires.
  3.7 Operating temperature:
    -40�F to 221�F (-40�C to 105�C)
  3.8 Made in the USA by the 3M Company:
    Unquestioned quality by a name you
can trust!
3.9 The R/Y+ connector has an aggressive quick-bite:
  It makes a fast and reliable mechanical connection over a wide temperature range. The R/Y+ connector locks in place
when inserted into the gel-filled tube. It accepts a multitude of direct burial copper wire combinations, as listed in the Table

Metric Wire Combination
Cross section capacity 2,0 mm� through 16,0 mm�
Quantity Size Type
5 – 7 0,5 mm� sol/str.
3 – 7 0,75 mm� sol/str.
2 – 8 1,0 mm� sol/str.
2 – 7 1,5 mm� sol/str.
2 – 5 2,5 mm� sol/str.
2 – 4 4,0 mm� sol/str.
2 6,0 mm� sol/str.
* Only AWG wire size combinations are UL
LISTED or CSA Certified.



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