6 Watt LED 12V NexGen Bullet Spot/Flood Light


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6 Watt LED 12 Volt Low Voltage Nexgen Bullet. Output is a 35° Narrow Flood beam angle. Includes an adjustable 1/2″ NPT Knuckle as well as a PVC Spike. Replaces 50-60 Watt Halogen Fixtures! This fixture consumes about 90% less electricity vs. Halogen! Never change another bulb or ballast again! Just install these and forget about them for 10-20+ years! Great for high output landscape lighting applications or any application where low voltage is required!


  • CONSTRUCTION: Heavy Duty Premium ADC12 Aluminum Alloy construction powder coated in a Bronze finish. ADC12 Aluminum Alloy offers far superior protection to the elements over standard Cast Aluminum!
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 12 Volt AC/DC Low Voltage. Can operate on 12VAC~18VAC or 10VDC~26VDC. NOT for use on 120V-277V Line Voltage.
  • IP RATING: IP67 Rated for use in outdoor wet location environments, but also suitable for indoor use.
  • BEAM ANGLE: 35° Narrow Flood beam angle makes this light ideal for sign, tree and flag pole lighting!
  • LUMENS: 600 Lumens.
  • LED RATED LIFE: 100,000+ Hours, meaning if you were to use these fixtures for 8 hours per day, 365 days per year, these LED fixtures will last you over 34 YEARS! To put this into perspective, if you were to run this fixture 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, it would stay lit for over 11 years!!!
  • CRI: >83. The higher the CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating, the better! CRI represents the amount of the spectrum used in the light output, i.e. the higher the value, the better the color clarity you will see from the light! LED doesn’t just save you money in energy costs, but it gives you a BETTER light versus Fluorescent. You will SEE the difference!.
  • INSTALLATION & MOUNTING: Comes standard with an 8.5″ PVC Spike for in-dirt mounting. Optional 17.5″ Rocket Post and 4″ Diameter Surface mount Base is available. See images and options above.
  • WARRANTY: 7 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.






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